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Entourage 22/04/2020

WeedMD Kicks-off Second Season of Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

WeedMD announced today it has commenced preparations for its 2020 outdoor growing season, making this WeedMD’s second season cultivating outdoors. The Company will be growing cannabis on its 27-acre, fully-licensed outdoor field in Strathroy, Ontario with clones expected to be planted in early June and harvested throughout the fall of 2020.

“With the arrival of optimal weather conditions, we are excited to launch our second year of outdoor cannabis cultivation as we apply valuable learnings about the land, our strains and scaling procedures for success outdoors,” said Angelo Tsebelis, CEO of WeedMD. “Our teams are grooming the outdoor field, selecting strains and preparing clones for propagation. Highly-regarded for our standard of excellence in large-scale, low-cost outdoor cannabis cultivation, we’re looking forward to bringing our unique cultivation plan online in June. Our production costs are amongst the lowest in the industry and with the volume of high-cannabinoid, low-cost input material and ability to successfully commercialize the output, we expect to process a significant quantity of biomass for our own sales channels later this year.”

The Company’s large-scale outdoor operation is located on its 158-acre property that successfully harvested and processed outdoor-cultivated cannabis in 2019 at a fractional cost of producing greenhouse-cultivation cannabis, which is already one of the lowest in the industry. The site also houses WeedMD’s main cultivation hub in its 610,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art modern greenhouse. Additionally, a newly-built 50,000 sq. ft. processing facility dedicated for managing outdoor-cultivated biomass was recently built and licensed in the fall of 2019.

“Following a successful year in 2019, we gained valuable first-mover advantage and the opportunity to improve our methodologies, further develop and standardize our innovative practices and now we’re excited to fully optimize our proprietary outdoor production system in 2020,” said Curtis Wallace, Head of Cultivation, WeedMD. “Using sustainable growing practices, such as direct sunlight, living soil, onsite water reservoir, natural bio-security practices and state-of-the-art irrigation mechanisms already in place, we’ve carefully selected just over a handful of cannabis strains this year and we’re looking forward to seeing them thrive outdoors once again.”

More About WeedMD’s Outdoor Cultivation Readiness

  • Nutrient-rich, natural loamy soil on 27-acre field is currently being tilled and cultivated
  • All infrastructure and staffing resources onsite with a proven team dedicated to outdoor grow
  • A newly-built 50,000 square foot, fully-licensed processing facility strictly for outdoor biomass
  • WeedMD’s existing propagation operations are on site in its licensed greenhouse facility
  • Mother plants selected for strains that are proven to excel outdoors in southwestern Ontario

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